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D's fun 4 dogs: About Us

Let's tell you about us. We can walk your dogs, or just visit your pets if they're home alone, we'll feed them and play with them.

Daria Edginton has been walking her own and her friends' dogs for quite some time, the dogs have fun and she has fun walking them.

Becuase she enjoys walking dogs, it occurred to her that it would be great to do something she enjoys for a living. It was a well thought-out, quick and easy decision for her to make.

Daria is also a human first aid instructor and her love of animals, particularly dogs, set her off on another educational path where she has passed her courses in "Dog First Aid"

As a result, "Dog First Aid" is an additional benefit should your dog become ill whilst in her care.

Daria will walk your dog together with 3 other friendly dogs as a group, safety and control is her top priority. Solo walks can be arranged, time permitting.

D's fun 4 dogs can provide dog training on a 1-2-1 basis. Daria has studied canine behaviour over many years and has a diploma in canine psychology.

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